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Pretty Bloomin' Pretty...

Let’s take a look at the details…

Source material: Les Fleurs - The Iris. Alphonse mucha (1898)

Woods used: Maple, Yew, Purple Heart, Ovangkol, Lacewood, Beli, Padauk, Ebony, Mahogany

Size: 250x 140x 12mm

Number of pieces: 282

Time to make: 40 hours

Number of fingers to suffer a painful jewellers saw laceration: 1


Although popular with the public. Veronica Lake had a complex personality and acquired a reputation for being difficult to work with. Eddie Bracken, her co-star in Star Spangled Rhythm, was quoted as saying, "She was known as 'The Bitch' and she deserved the title." During the filming of The Blue Dahlia screenwriter Raymond Chandler referred to her as "Moronica Lake."

After her third divorce, Lake drifted between cheap hotels in New York City, and was arrested several times for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. In June 1973 Lake visited a local doctor, complaining of stomach pains. She was discovered to have cirrhosis of the liver as a result of her years of drinking. On July 7th she died of acute hepatitis and acute kidney injury....

Around the year 2016 she became my muse

Veronica Lake Square 2 (x2)

Haliaeetus alopeciacephalos (The bald eagle)

From the Greek hali- =sea, alētos =eagle, alopicia- = bald, cephalos = head...

This bald eagle headstock inlay has now worked it's way through the workshop, has been united with the correct body, been given a nice shiny protective coat of lacquer, gained some machine heads, a set of strings and finally been packed up and shipped off to the states into the protective custody of her new owner

Bald Eagle Brook Headstock