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CHIMP March 2019

Ebony, bog oak and beli sapwood chimp against a spalted maple background

Size: 164x 164x 13mm


This is the first of two Labrador inlays that I worked on as a pair. I had previously been commissioned to do another dog, which the customer and I were both really happy with, so I wanted to do a few more. Bog Oak and ebony is used against a spalted maple background, mahogany and maple is used for the eyes and the inlay is framed in quilted mahogany with an ebony border. Size: 164x 164x 13mm   



This second Labrador inlay is made using the same combination of woods as the one above. Size: 164x 164x 13mm


This Indian Elephant inlay is cut from some light English walnut, the background is figured maple and the water is spalted oak. The inlay is bound with an ebony border.

Size: 175x 84x 10mm


This second elephant inlay is again cut from English walnut, the tusks are maple. Lacewood provides the background along with a warm figured maple sky

Size: 175x 84x 10mm



This gorilla inlay is cut from ebony along with some seven thousand year old sub-fossilised bog oak highlights, the eyes are cocobolo and the background is some beautiful spalted oak

Size: 175x 84x 10mm